COVID Guidelines

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well!

I have done the required risk assessment that enables me to start teaching in person again.

I will be continuing to provide online lessons if you would like to stick to that method for a while (or start them if you haven’t been having them already).

This page is to explain how things will work in our current situation regarding COVID-19.


Step 1. Read this page!

Step 2. Fill in the quick form at the bottom about times/days you can do (and updating your contact details).

Step 3. Print, read and sign the COVID-19 Agreement and bring to your first lesson. (I can’t teach you without it!)


I would recommend you read this page quickly again just before you come to your first lesson so you don’t forget anything!


New Fees

Please see my revised prices for this academic year, effective from 7th September 2020

30 minute lessons are £15

45 minute lessons are £22



We must wear masks (unless you are considered to be in an exempt category) so please make sure you bring one. If you forget yours I will have disposable masks (£1 each) but please don’t rely on this, if too many people forget and I run out we will be unable to do the lesson!


Arriving for your lesson

When you arrive please stay in your car. I have timetabled a gap in between each lesson to make sure you don’t cross paths with other people and to give me time to clean and ventilate the room. I will come out to collect you from your car at the beginning of your lesson time.

Unfortunately parent/carers will not be allowed to sit in on lessons as this is not possible whilst maintaining social distancing guidelines.


What you need to bring

Your own sticks!

Your own books/printouts.

A pencil to make notes.

A printed and signed copy of the ‘COVID Agreement’ form (at your first lesson, I cannot teach you without this!)


Minimising contact during lessons

Hand sanitiser will be provided, please use it when you enter and exit the drum room.

I will open all doors and move things for you if needed.

We can’t share pencils or any other stationary.

A distance of 1 meter will be maintained between myself and the student.


Other general considerations

Lessons will need to finish promptly to allow time between lessons to clean down surfaces, sterilise and ventilate the room.

Please make sure you go to the bathroom before your lesson as there are no toilet facilities available.


And finally….

On a personal note, my wife is expecting our 2nd little one (due at the end of January). This puts her in the clinically vulnerable/moderate risk group so I am therefore taking the highest possible precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. I really appreciate your understanding and cooperation and can’t wait to start teaching you in person again!


Finding a suitable day and time

Please can you give as many options as possible for days/times as it is going to be very difficult to fit you all in with the gaps I have had to add between lessons.

I am hoping to get everyone a time slot arranged before Monday if possible so if you could fill in and submit the form below ASAP that would be great.


Thanks for reading all of this, hopefully see you next week!